Saving America's Cities
A Tried and Proven Plan to Revive Stagnant and Decaying Cities
by author David McDonald


What has caused 61% of our largest cities to stagnate and decline?

Why has no stagnant or decaying city been globally or significantly saved? ...Ever?

What cities have taken the right steps toward stabilizing themselves?

Is there a vision and path to begin the process of stabilization and growth?

For six decades, a large percentage of America's cities have been losing population and businesses. These same cities have wasted millions trying to regain their former grandeur, yet none have even come close. In fact, most have made exactly the same mistakes.

It's time we focused our money, energy, and effort on attacking our cities' problems in a way that can really make a difference. In other words: it's time to stop chasing rainbows and deploy the proven method that any city can put into action to make global, significant, and successful changes. Learn More>>